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SAHARA Bellows are used on all kind of machines to protect guide ways, spindles, screws, rods or any application requiring protection against chips, dirt, oil etc. where no hot chips are produced and guide ways do not have to be stepped on.

SAHARA Bellows are manufactured of double sided poly urethane coated imported fabric which will with stand against chips, dirt, oil, etc.

On request Bellows can be supplied in different materials according to individual requirements.


  • Easy to install
  • High travel speed
  • Minimum compressed length
  • High quality material
  • Available in any shape and size
  • Stainless steel lamellae bellows which protect against hot chips, oil and other abrasives
  • Can be mounted for horizontal, vertical and cross slide applications

Product Structure::

  • Round stitched bellow
  • Flat bellow
  • Square or Rectangular bellow
  • Polygonal bellow
  • Stainless steel lamellae bellow
  • Lift table bellow
  • High speed scissor bellow
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